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     DON'T BE FOOLED !                                                  AUTHORIZED SERVICE

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We have been repairing speakers for over 35 years. In that time we have seen everything from field coil Speakers with reverse spiders to the newest JBL's and Bose.

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We have access to over 3000 voice coils,spiders,and cones. This insures that the speakers we repair are as close to original as possible.

On all premium speakers we use only...


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Don't Be Fooled !

If you see a price to repair a premium speaker, JBL, EV, Bose, Celestion, etc. that seems to good to be true, it probably is. There are some repair shops that use generic parts and try to pass them off as genuine factory replacement kits. Don't be fooled, these generic parts do not perform as well or last as long.

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We are a factory authorized service center for...






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Warranty Repair

Ship the speaker to us with proof of purchase from a authorized dealer and we do the rest.

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Speaker Repair

When your speakers are out of warranty they can be repaired at a reasonable price.

We have special pricing for dealers

Jbl.jpg (1449 bytes)    JBL Prices   Partial Listing

These are original factory parts

      2225H      $222.00         D120      $270.00
      2240H      $360.00        D140F      $256.00
      2241H      $246.00       E130-8      $286.00
      2245H      $310.00       E155-8      $286.00
     2416H-1      $208.00         K140-8      $256.00
      2425H      $178.00         K151      $346.00
      2445H      $234.00       K151-4      $346.00


Evi1.gif (935 bytes)   Electro-Voice Prices  Partial Listing

These are original factory parts

     EVM-10       $150.00    EVM-15B      $170.00
   FORCE-10       $140.00    EVM-15L      $170.00
    EVM-12L       $150.00    FORCE-15       $150.00
  EVI-12       $150.00   EVX-180/180A       $210.00

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Speaker Refoaming

Deteriorated foam suspension is the leading cause of speaker failure.

We offer several D.I.Y. Kits to replace the foam edge yourself. If you feel uncomfortable with this we can do them for you at a fraction of the cost to replace the speaker.

You can rest assured that your speakers are Re-Foamed corectly because APPLIED ACOUSTICS follows this list of procedures on EVERY speaker we repair

~ Clean all remains of surround from cone & frame

~ Remove dust cap and inspect voice coil for damage

~ Check voice coil for proper impedance

~ Test voice coil for proper travel

~ Clean voice coil and gap

~ Realign voice coil, cone, & spider

~ Align & attach new foam surround to cone and frame

~ Replace gasket ( if needed )

~ Replace dust cap

~ Run frequency response and sweep test

The cost to replace the foam edge on a speaker will vary slightly from speaker to speaker. Shown below are average prices,

Refoam Prices

     3" to 6"       $30.00          8' to 12'       $45.00
         15"       $55.00          JBL / EV       Call for price

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If Complete Rebuilding Is Required

Rebuilding is the replacement of all parts except the basket and magnet assembly. Since all speakers are different we can only display average prices. We do provide free estimates on all  raw speaker and a $20.00 charge for estimates on speakers in cabinets. This includes testing all other speakers and the crossover.

Generic Prices    Complete Rebuild

     3" to 4"      $45.00          12"       $95.00
     6" to 8'      $75.00          15"       $125.00
        10"      $85.00          18"      $175.00

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Warranty on Speaker Repairs

Because we use the highest quality foam available we can offer a lifetime warranty on all refoams.

All other speaker repairs carry a full one year parts and labor warranty from defects in materials and workmanship.

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Packing and Shipping

The best way to pack your speakers is in a well padded heavy cardboard box. Remember it is better to overpack than to underpack. If you are sending two speakers, bolt or tie them together face to face and pad well.

When you ship be sure to insure for enough to cover replacement of them.

UA_UPSICON_FOOTER.GIF (453 bytes)    We recommend shipping by UPS because they provide $100.00 worth of insurance with the shipment.

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"I have a speaker that just doesn't work. should I repair or replace it "?

Actually either answers will correct the problem. However there are other factors to consider. On average rebuilding a speaker cost about half what replacement does. If only one speaker is bad in a stereo system you will probably have to replace the other good speaker so the system will balance. Most cabinets were made (tuned) to the speaker that was originally installed and using another speaker will mismatch this tuning.


" what is wrong with using generic parts in my premium speaker ?  They cost less ! "

You're right they do cost less. Have you ever wondered why ? They are just not as good a quality as the factory replacement parts. They don't last as long and in some cases they  do change the sound of the speaker. You paid good money for a quality speaker when you bought them, why throw that away  to save a few dollars now on repairing them ?