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Deteriorated foam surround's is one of the major problems with home speakers. The foam starts to crack and break after about 8 to 10 years. Our repair kits allow you to remove the old foam surround and easily reattach a new one. With a saving of your hard earned cash by repairing them yourself.


SP3.bmp (230454 bytes)  PROFESSIONAL KIT

PROFESSIONAL KITS contain all of the above materials plus you receive calibration alignment shims and replacement dust caps. This is the professionals way to repair a speaker, allowing you to mechanically align the voice coil and cone so everything is precisely centered while the adhesive dries.



Have your speaker measurements ready when you contact us.  We will need three measurements for the  Professional Kit.

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Overall Diameter..   ( A )

The very outer edge measurement. Outer edge of the speaker. Including the gasket.

Cone Diameter..    ( B )

The outer edge of the fiber or plastic cone. (not the foam surround) Measure cutting the cone across the center with an imaginary line. also check the foam attachment to the cone, is it straight (flat) or does it angle down toward the dust cover ? (angled)

Dust Cap Diameter..   ( C )

The dust cap is the small bubble in the center of the cone. Measure the outer diameter of this cover. With the Professional Kit you receive replacement dust caps that are larger than the original.

KIT 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12" 15"
PROFESSIONAL $29.95 $29.95 $29.95
KIT JBL 8" JBL 12" JBL 15"
PROFESSIONAL $29.95 $29.95 $34.95
KIT BOSE 801,802,901,902

If you receive the kit and feel that replacing the foam is not for you just return the unused kit with the speakers and you will be credited the cost (minus shipping) toward the repair in our shop.

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" the foam surround on my speakers are bad, what can I do about it" ?

You have three choices...

1) Use one of our refoam kits and repair them yourself.

2) We will be happy to repair them for you.

3) Replace the speakers


"why do I have to give you the exact size on the foam I need for my speakers. All 10" speakers should be the same" ?

Some companies sell foam kits by the overall size of the speaker 6" or 10" or 12" etc. There idea of "a few will do" is totally WRONG !  There are many different foam surrounds that will almost fit the same speaker and we try to match as close as possible to the original one.


" the foam surround is only bad on one of my speakers, why do I need to repair both of them" ?

The foam surround deteriorates from age. Both speakers were made at the same time so they are the same age. You may not see the deterioration on one speaker.... but believe me it is there. The way to check is to pinch the foam if it tears it is bad.


" how do I pack my speakers for shipment" ?

Bolt or tie them face to face, pack them in a box with at least three inches of padding all around. Ship by the carrier of your choice. Remember to insure for enough to cover both speakers if they should be damaged or lost.


"what does it cost to ship the speakers" ?

This depends on the carrier and the weight. We suggest UPS because they can also pack them for you and provide $100.00 insurance on each shipment.


" what if I receive one of your refoam kits and decide not to try it myself" 

Simply return the kit to us along with your speakers and we will credit the cost of the kit toward the repair of your speakers in our shop.